Welcome to the Little Paxton Pre-School. We are a registered charity, which is self-funded and managed by a staff of 6 perminant staff and a committee of volunteer parents.

The Pre-School was founded in 1968, and until 3rd April 2009 was held in the Village Hall. From April 22nd 2009 the Pre-School moved to a new purpose built building which is attached to the village Primary School. We offer places for 25 children per session. Morning sessions begin at 9am – 12 and afternoon sessions from 12pm -3pm. Sessions can be taken as half day or full day sessions.

Little Paxton Pre-School is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance, which supports pre-schools with advice, information, training and publications. The Pre-School Learning Alliance written constitution is adopted by member organisations.




The Committee



The Committee consists of a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer and committee members. All committee members are volunteer parents, most with children at the Pre-School, and are responsible for working with the staff to ensure the smooth running of preschool and to manage fundraising events.

The Committee and staff meet regularly to discuss any problems, forthcoming events or just to keep in touch about the day-to-day running of Pre-School.

Fundraising is necessary to help cover the running costs of the Pre-School (e.g. hall hire, insurance, staff wages and items like paint, paper and new toys).

The Committee appreciates any help that parents can give on fundraising events, which range from a small coffee morning to an evening of socialising and entertainment. Please support these events as often as possible.

No skills are necessary to become part of the committee, just enthusiasm and a small bit of your time(even if it just a few hours every so often. Any help is greatly appreciated). If you would like more information on joining the Committee please contact the Manager or a member of staff.



Education A


Aims & Objectives


Our aim is to provide your child with a safe, happy, stimulating and secure environment in which they can learn and develop through play.

Little Paxton Pre-School operates according to the Governments National Standards, which includes minimum standards of quality for staff, play activities, premises, safety, child protection and documentation and record keeping.

The Pre-school is regularly inspected by OFSTED. We were last inspected in September 2009 where we were receognised as being a ‘Good’ provider. Our last report can be found with the prospectus.

We look at each child as an individual with individual needs at different stages of learning.


The Pre-school sessions are planned with consideration of the EYFS and each child’s stage of development. They are based on the 3 Characteristics of learning:

Playing and Exploring – engagement

Active learning – motivation

Creating and thinking critically

There are 7 areas of learning and development that we look at, these are split into 2 separate areas :

PRIME AREAS - Personal, Social and Emotional development, Physical development, Communication and Language

SPECIFIC AREAS - Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and design.


Before starting Pre-School each child is allocated a Key person. The Key person is responsible for updating develop records (profiles) on a regular basis. The key person will work closely with parents/carers and any other agencies involved with the child to enable them to develop at their own individual rate. Next steps and key activities are planned with parental involvement.

Before starting Pre-School children are invited to attend a play session with their Parent/Carer. At this time the Key person is introduced.

The Key person will arrange a home visit prior to the child starting. These are not compulsory and we do find that the majority of parents find these useful. They give the opportunity for questions to be asked and for the child to have a familiar face to support them when they start their first session.

Meetings are held regularly throughout the school year. They give the parent/carer the opportunity to jointly set next steps for their child, with the pre-school.

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